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Twenty percent of Berliners don’t have a German passport and the city’s international language has become English. Twenty percent Berlin brings those three-quarters of a million people the Hauptstadt’s news in English, with the context and background they want. Twice a week.

Who we are

Andrew Bulkeley and Maurice Frank met nearly 20 years ago when Maurice co-founded the Exberliner and Andrew wrote the upstart magazine’s first cover story. They recently again worked together during the corona pandemic for one of Berlin’s oldest dailies, attracting a following for their opinionated and informative daily corona updates.

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Writer: Bloomberg. Monocle. Handelsblatt. Berliner Zeitung. As well as PR and marketing texts for nearly every German DAX 30 company. Comedian: Drew Portnoy. I'm funnier than you'd think.
Former editor, Berliner Zeitung English Edition. Co-founder, Exberliner. Twitter @mauricetfrank