May 31, 2022Liked by Andrew Bulkeley

Is there an easy way to see which trains qualify for the €9 supertick? I guess at the station, you could look at the board where it should be mentioned.. will conductors be understanding if you hop an incorrect train? gotta practice my couldn't-be-more-ignorant facial expression and do some pre-weeping exercises.

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Haha, I would focus more on taking the right trains. Make sure it's either S-Bahn, BVG or, if it's Deutsche Bahn, the train number has an RE in it. IC and ICE are not allowed. Rule of thumb: Red double-decker OK; white single-level, probably not.

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May 31, 2022Liked by Maurice Frank

Thanks for the tips. After some test runs, we’re going to head to Eisenach, along the Regio way. Will have to figure out each state’s regional train-net. And I suppose any non-German marked train will be a no-go. Getting to the Allgæu should be interesting.

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