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Hi Andrew and Maurice,

I always enjoy reading these newsletters. But out of curiousity, is there a reason why you qualified the holocaust as an "attempted genocide"?

Thanks for the work you do to support and represent the 20 plus % in Berlin!


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Hey guys! Do you know the story behind this hotel in Charlottenburg?

In a nutshell:

1. The hotel owner painted the building himself without notifying the authorities. He also put the text HappyGoLuckyHearts.com there, which is basically a free commercial.

2. Authorities has come to him and kindly asked to remove this due to illegality. However, after some negotiations they let him keep the art on 2 terms. Firstly, he has to remove the commercial, and that's why you now see this cloud of hearts after the name. Secondly, he has to keep the artwork in a good shape and thus paint it on a regular basis every 5 years at his own costs.

3. He didn't enjoy the fact that he needs to pay for it and said that if the officials want to keep it nice they have to pay themselves for renovation as he just kindly gave them an idea of how it should look like.

4. And so the authorities sued him, won the trial and having a note from the court addressed him again offering to reconsider his decision.

5. He refused it so now the artwork will get removed

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Boo 16 December!! I did way better in 2022 when the parties were close to the solstices. Welp, have fun everyone!

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