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Hi Andrew, this is a bit of a long shot but I bought tickets for next week's show immediately after hearing about it, but unfortunately we have to travel suddenly due to a family issue. Seeing as it's sold out, please let us know if there's any way to pass our two tickets on to other fans who want to see the show!

We're so sad to miss the chance to see you perform, but hope there will be another opportunity soon, perhaps in December as you mentioned!

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Don’t know, but this get the flat sound as much like a bot service as last weeks appointment finder

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Hi Sjors,

I am a flat application letter writer for GetTheFlat.

The way how we increase people's chances to find a flat:

We handcraft people's application letters to emphasize their positive qualities - describing a person in a way that makes the person a) a good and b) an interesting choice for the landlord.

50% of flats in Germany are owned by private landlords. Even for flats for which a real estate company pre-screens potential candidates, the owner has often the last say when it comes to chose the final candidate.

We make use of this and convert "0815 application letters" into highly convincing texts that stand out and appeal to the landlords.

We already got positive responses from people who never had received any viewing invites before, that they are being invited to flat viewings thanks to our application letter!

We now also optimize application letters by individualizing letters towards the particular flat and district your desired flat is in (a landlord in Kreuzberg will pay attention to other candidates than a landlord from Wilmersdorf). Therefore, we decided to take over the application process as well, as we otherwise can't apply fast enough on behalf of the person ;)

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for taking the effort to reply. I think your service is highly valuable, and also fairly priced. I also understand that you apply for people, from what I understood if you're not within the first 10/20 applications, you don't stand a chance anyway, no matter how well written your application.

It's just that one your website you create the suggestion that you are able to reply quickly because you personally sit at your computer constantly refreshing websites until a listing shows up for your customer. To me, it'd be crazy if you wouldn't write some software to automate that part of the process (and I would be happy to pay for that).

However I can imagine that you'd rather keep it a secret how exactly the inner-workings of your business work. Wish you all. the best though. I'm all in favour of computers taking over mindless human tasks.

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