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I find the entire concept of smoking to be absolutely bizarre. It's as if humanity has been brainwashed into normalizing a habit that not only harms the user, but also everyone around them. Cigarette smoke instantly irritates my chronic bronchitis. But who cares if I can't enjoy any type of outdoor venue, right? And don't even get me started on the blanket of cigarette butts on the ground and the cloud of smoke in the air that I have to walk through every time I pass the Job Center on my way to the UBahn station. In Berlin, it's obvious that the smoker's right to engage in this stupid, self-destructive behavior is FAR more important than the environment, or my health.

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I'm an addict of 30 years... Smoking since I was 14. There's no pride in this. Upon arriving to Berlin I found it convenient, unlike my experience in the US among other countries. However before arriving (and ever since) I advocate for some form of NZ model where all sales are outlawed. Reminds me the day after the president of Egypt was deposed and people did drugs openly In tahrir. But at least they got high. Tobacco companies created the form of deceit used by the fossil fuel industry to fuel doubt around climate. The legitmacy of this industry needs to be abolished. it's a plant, let people grow it and smoke if they really want to.

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Yay to more Prets!

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