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I LOVE long night of the museums! It's not when you should go to the big places, except maybe to dance in their vaults. Pony up to see those collections. The long night is when you try all the crazy obscure tiny places and figure out which ones are worth going to during the day.

I think there are a lot more battery explosions going on than people are talking about, though I had a debate with someone on mastodon about this and he said insurance claims show very few incinerations of e vehicles compared to regular ones. But my relatives' ecar burst into flame on their driveway at 5am (which never happens with regular cars?) and the insurance is forcing massive investigations, so who knows whether they are accepting reports? And there was that transport boat. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/one-dead-cargo-ship-fire-electric-car-suspected-source-dutch-coastguard-2023-07-26/

I also hate cars, love movie tips, and learned a ton from expath.

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