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These extra large advertisements should be banned. There are plenty of places in this world which provide a model for such a ban. The ads are tone deaf to the anti-capitalist origins of this city, bring no value (everyone knows who Google, Apple and AirBnB are) but are some weird form of corporate colonialization. ("This building is temporarily brought to you by Huawei.")

Seeing ads for AirBnB on the new Amazon tower particularly bothered me because not only do they contribute to the housing shortage in the city through their business model, but they build no housing, and yet they also buy huge advertisements to remind Berliners about...housing. Thank you AirBnB I am reminded about how your company is a parasite on the people of this city.

Having said that, until these large advertisements are banned, I am saddened that CLIT, TPG and Trem haven't done their work and taken ownership of these monstrosities.

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